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6th April 2020
Game Manual—Italian Version

YES!! Thanks to the translation work done by Andrea Cogorno,
our game manual is now available in Italian!

10th September 2018

YES, we are returning to Essen for SPIEL 2018 and you are invited!!

Our booth is 5-D132 and we hope to meet and greet you there in October!!

30th August 2018
【Crossroads of Heroes®】 Kickstarter Version
Now Available in UK Stores!

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28th August 2018
【Crossroads of Heroes®】 Kickstarter Version
Now Available in Retail Stores!

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9th August 2017
Welcome to HALL OF HEROES!!

The Hall of Heroes has just been revamped and we have proudly added all our backers' names to it! We invite you to come and take a look!

Can you guess which sect is the top favorite and has the most disciples?

To skip right to your chosen sect, click on its banner below

19th July 2017
We've worked long and hard for this!

All artwork and design for 【Crossroads of Heroes®】 have been completed and the game will enter its manufacturing stage!

With that out of the way, we shall now focus on creating new content.

It's really about time!

28th February 2017

Our project campaign is now on Kickstarter and will end on March 31st. We welcome you to join us in this very first journey of ours!

6th January 2017
Help Chan Kuniu find the Abacus!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Best Wishes for 2017!

Crossroads of Heroes®】 's kickstarter campaign will launch in February. However, the funs starts now!

With 300 likes to our facebook page, we will unlock "Abacus", a special item that can be acquired in the game if you meet Chan Kuniu during your travels. Special items are permanent and will give you special abilities!

Help us achieve this stretch goal and put "Abacus" into Chan Kuniu's collection of goodies!

Come and LIKE US now! Your participation is important to us!

23rd September 2016
We invite you to join a sect!

Join in the fun and be a part of 【Crossroads of Heroes®!

You can visit our facebook page and by "Liking" or "Loving" the post with your favourite sect's name and picture, you will become a member of that sect! You will start off as an “Adventurer” but can gradually rise through the ranks by being active on our page and also by taking part in events and programs in the future.

As of now, I've still not decided what benefits higher ranked members will obtain, but surely in the coming weeks and months, I guarantee that there will be fun things to come!

However, please note that any one person is only limited to joining one sect that they choose. Unfortunately, for those who "liked" more than one sect, you will have to "unlike" some sects until you are down to one or else you will not be inducted into any of the sects.

People who enrolled on or after September 24th may not get to see their names in the “Hall of Heroes” until late October, since I will be away for some time!

Thank you all in advance for taking part in our little journey!

20th September 2016
You will receive a hero's welcome!

Pat Piper is excited to announce that 【Crossroads of Heroes®】 will have its own booth (6-E112) at Spiel, Messe Essen, this coming October, between 13th and 16th!

At our booth, you will have a chance to playtest the game, take part in contests, win rewards and prizes, and most of all, sign up to become a 【Crossroads of Heroes®】 sect member and have your name inscribed in the “Hall of Heroes” on our very website! (more on this later!)

What’s more, Jan will be there doing a mini demo and workshop on Chinese calligraphy! So please come and meet with us. You will be our honoured guests in our Spiel debut!

4th August 2016
Welcome to 【Crossroads of Heroes®】 !

Today marks the official opening of its website and the release of its intro video!

Thinking back, it has been over six years since I came up with the concept for this game. It has been a long and often dreary road. There were times when I simply thought that giving up would be a more selfless and sensible act.

But luckily, with the continual support of my loving and persevering wife, Jan (who was also responsible for writing all the beautiful Chinese calligraphy for the game), I am now finally able to share this concept with board game players from all around the world!

So, let us know what you think of our game! Feel free to post comments and join in the fun through the various social media links!

- Patrick Lee (aka Pat Piper), creator

Enjoy The Intro Video!

I hope you like the idea and theme of the game. For a more in-depth description of its gameplay, you can go to Game Information.

Otherwise, feel free to post a comment on Youtube and let us know what you think!

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