Emei Sect
Shaolin Sect
Beggar Sect
Wudang Sect
Kunlun Sect
Mentoring only female students, Emei Sect utilizes speed and the
flowing flexibility of the maiden form to gain a critical advantage.
A Buddhist sect of high repute, Shaolin Sect monks are renowned
for their righteousness and prowess in self-defense.
Perhaps the oldest and most populous sect of all, Gaibang (aka Beggar Sect)
members are well-known for their resourcefulness and survival skills.
Under the tutelage of Grand Master Zhang, Wudang Sect's
Taiji fighting style and Tao philosophy is highly revered in the Jianghu.
Steadily rising to fame, Kunlun Sect advocates the use of
swift critical attacks and strategy to subdue all foes.
Gan Tanfu
Chan Kuniu
Tiemian Qixia
Yexun Yibai
Venerated in the Jianghu as “The Divine Healer”, Gan Tanfu is a much sought after
individual for his vast knowledge of medicine and unparalleled doctoring skills.
An old junk collector, Chan Kuniu will be pleased to trade items with
whoever happens to rub shoulders with him while on the road.
Mysterious and unpredictable, Tiemian Qixia may either assist or hinder
your progress depending on his mood. Seek him out if you feel lucky!
A renowned swordsman, Yexun Yibai will take on anyone brave or foolish enough
to challenge him to a duel. If you succeed, your rise to fame will be guaranteed!
Heifeng Guai
Yang Chao
Duan Zhenxuan
Bailian Ziluosha
Chijin Mowang
Heifeng Guai is a hellish freak who thrives in areas of total darkness.
If possible, fight her only when out in the open during the day!
Under the sun, Yang Chao is a formidable opponent with almost matchless power.
Challengers would be well advised to approach him after sunset!
Although young and inexperienced, Duan Zhenxuan is the celebrated master
of the “Spirit Finger” technique and one of the top fighters of Wulin.
Nickednamed the “Violet Assassin”, Bailian Ziluosha is feared by all
and is perhaps the most brutal killer the Jianghu has ever seen.
A foreign fighter who has astonishingly mastered the “Buddha’s Fiery Palm”,
Chijin Mowang ‘s incinerating blows are only matched by his explosive temper.
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