..and that is Gan Tanfu is a very elusive man. When he is not home, there is simply no telling where he may be, as he can be anywhere in the mountains foraging rare herbs or deep in the wilderness studying plant life.

Indeed, there is no known poison, disease or fatal wound in the world that the Divine Healer cannot cure or medicate.

When in critical condition, receiving treatment from Gan Tanfu is possibly your best chance for survival. Gan Tanfu will unquestioningly tend to anyone found lying at his doorstep. However, there is a catch..

Aged over eighty, Chan Kuniu continually roams the Jianghu in search of junk or old items that people have left behind.

“You will not believe how many artifacts of great value are being discarded by people who no longer sees value in them because of their carelessness and short sightedness.” replied the old workhorse when asked why he had devoted himself to such a labourious undertaking.

Although an avid collector, Chan Kuniu is by no means a hoarder. If you see value in an item in his collection, he will be most willing to barter. However, be sure that you have at least one item in your possession to make a trade for it.

Tiemian Qixia, or the Iron-Masked Pilgrim, is a lonesome and enigmatic figure who traverses the Jianghu with no known goals or associations to any sects or groups.

No one knows why he is wearing an iron mask, although it is widely speculated in the Jianghu that he was once a dignified Buddhist monk who became disfigured from a physical training mishap of forbidden arts and had fallen from grace ever since.

Whatever the reason or reasons, those who had chance encounters with Tiemian Qixia often reported his behaviour to be capricious and bizarre. Some say that he was benevolent while on other accounts, he was described as indifferent or downright scornful.

Ye Xunyibai is a highly skilled swordsman who wanders the Jianghu ceaselessly in search of worthy opponents.

Originally named Ye Feng, Ye named himself Xunyibai (translates as “Seeking Defeat”) to remind himself of the countless pugilist masters in the Wulin that he has yet to encounter and challenge to a duel.

Although it is a notion that is hard for any duelist to conceive, Ye actually relishes the prospect of defeat, knowing that the experience will help him further refine his fighting techniques and the feeling of shame vital to the hardening of his will as a fighter.

Such is the persistence and drive of the ultimate duelist!

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