Xiao Jingtian was handed the reins of leading Kunlun Sect after his shifu and older brother died of critical wounds following a duel with Yuan Hexian, the Grand Master of Wulin.

Embittered by the experience and overwhelmed with his new sense of duty, Xiao Jingtian took upon himself to train vehemently in martial arts and study the many ways of strategy, hoping to apply all his knowledge and talents to one day defeat the Grand Master of Wulin and bring honour back to Kunlun Sect under his leadership. He ate and slept this ultimate ambition.

Unfortunately, his dreams were shattered when he received news that the Grand Master of Wulin was killed in mortal combat with an unknown mysterious fighter. Stunned in disbelief and driven by rage, Xiao Jingtian vowed to uncover the secret identity of the murderer and exact his revenge on his new sworn enemy. His new obsession would eventually lead him into making many hasty decisions and putting his own life in great peril.

Luckily, his young niece - the talented Fu Yanlin, was never far from his side. Secretly, she had always kept a vigilant eye on his uncle. So when things got too hot, she would always be there in time to give him a helping hand.

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