During one of his travels in his younger days, Abbot Xuan Ling found an abandoned infant at the site of a post bandit raid and massacre. Looking into the illuminated gaze of the little ophaned boy, he immediately acknowledged their fated bond and took him into his care - giving him the Buddhist name of Huai Xun and mentoring him in the ways of a Shaolin monk.

Life growing up as a Shaolin monk was strenuous but Huai Xun’s unyielding mental toughness allowed him to endure it all with relative ease. He trained rigorously in the various martial arts that was taught to him and steadily rose through the ranks to become one of the most skilled and respected fighters of Shaolin Sect.

As a follower of Buddhism, Huai Xun was taught the virtues of righteousness and compassion, and would only use his fighting skills to help the needy. However, it could be that the subconscious effect his early childhood trauma had on him, Huai Xun despised bullies and cowardly acts of tyranny, and would show little restraint in dealing harsh punishments to any such offenders.

When news came to Shaolin Temple that tragedy had befallen one of their Buddhist allies, Abbot Xuan Ling deem it is time for Huai Xun to further his growth and thereupon sent him on a mission to investigate the matter.

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