Nestled on the lofty peaks of Wudang Mountains, Wudang Sect is a taoist martial arts school founded by revered Taiji originator, Zhang Sanfeng (formal: Zhang Zhenren).

Song Qingyao was admitted into the Wudang school at a very young age and was only the sixth disciple that Master Zhang had taken under his wing. His innate awareness, love of nature and musical talent made him an excellent student of Tao philosophy and the elegant Taiji fighting style. In addition to his diligence, Song Qingyao is also extremely honest, humble and is beloved by his shifu (mentor) and fellow sect mates, who all treat him like a true brother.

When traveling the Jianghu, Song Qingyao generally prefers to keep a pacifist demeanor and will avoid direct confrontations for the most part. However, when his help is sought by someone in need, he will most likely offer aid without question, no matter the odds or danger.

Alas, Song Qingyao’s only weakness may be his gullibility and his enduring trust in the goodness of humanity. Hence, he is prone to manipulation by anyone who is crafty and despicable enough to use his kindness against him.

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