Transformed into a grotesque freak from living in total darkness for decades, it is believed by many that she continues to terrorize the Jianghu during moonless nights when her dark powers are most immense and terrifying.

Like her nocturnal exploits, the true identity of Heifeng Guai and her morbid origins are shrouded in mystery and darkness.

However, it is rumoured that she was once a pugilist who devoted herself to the study of the “Yin Sutra”, an ancient scripture which held the secrets to harnessing energy from the ominous power of darkness.

Although a noble warrior, Yang Chao is also a very proud individual who takes demands from no one. He also does not respond well to pleas for help from anyone or delve in matters which he has no personal interest in.

The polar opposite of Heifeng Guai, Yang Chao is a true master of light and the last known practitioner of the “Divine Skill of Yang”.

During the day, when under a white hot sun, Yang Chao's power is almost immeasurable. However, after the sun sets, Yang Chao's power will gradually diminish until he is greatly weakened by midnight.

During his travels, Duan heard a rumour of the “Millennial Ginseng” and its incredible vigor and spirit boosting effects. Feeling that such effects would greatly benefit and enhance his fighting ability, he went in search for it.

Noble and heroic, young master Duan Zhenxuan is on a personal quest to revive the old code of honour.

Duan Zhenxuan is also the sole inheritor of the magnificient technique known as the “Spirit Finger”. It is a technique which draws its strength from the spiritual life force of its user.

Regarding her sinister origins, there have been speculations around the Jianghu that she was once a male pugilist who had castrated himself in order to fully unlock the secrets of the “Bauhinia Forbidden Classic” and to reach its maximum potential for killing.

When a fleeting image of a violet figure is witnessed, one can be sure that a gruesome murder will soon follow.

Although the motives for her murders are not always clear, her methods are undoubtedly grisly and merciless. Her signature of leaving a bauhinia on the mutilated corpses of her victims is also well-documented.

In fact, survivors and witnesses of his duels are so in awe of his exceptional fighting prowess that they suspect him to be the mystery fighter who had defeated and killed the former Grand Master of Wulin, a mysterious crime that many in the Jianghu have sought to solve.

Hailing from the far west, Chijin Mowang is on a rampage to prove his supremacy to the entire Jianghu.

His fiery fighting style is a long lost technique that has only been heard of by the eldest of Wulin masters. However, with Chijin Mowang's recent track record of duel victories, it is fast making a notorious comeback.

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