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Q 1:
My duel with the Grand Master of Wulin ended in a draw? What happens?

A 1:
You must clearly defeat the Grand Master of Wulin in a duel to claim the title. If you fought only to a draw, you have lost your chance to win the game!



Q 2:
I am Evil Scum. In my final duel with the Grand Master of Wulin, must I snuff out his last Qi in order to win the game? It seems impossible since the player who becomes Grand Master of Wulin will recover all Qi and is immune to Yin Stratagems!

A 2:
In such a duel, any Evil Scum only needs to defeat the Grand Master of Wulin in order to win the game. As mentioned on page 14 of the Game Manual, the loser of such a duel will be killed outright (eliminated from the game). Therefore, the loser will still be eliminated even if he/she has Qi left after the duel.



Q 3:
I am Evil Scum. In the final game round, all remaining virtuous players were eliminated from the game or in critical condition. Now, it’s just me and the Grand Master of Wulin left in the game. What happens then?

A 3:
As Evil Scum, you must first kill a virtuous player in order to pose a serious threat to the Jianghu and issue a challenge to the Grand Master of Wulin. Unfortunately, in such a scenario when there are no more virtuous player(s) left, you have lost your chance to win the game.



Q 4:
I am one step from reaching the renown of Grand Master of Wulin. A player challenged me to a duel during their turn and I won, helping me to gain 1 renown and become the Grand Master of Wulin! What happens next?

You receive all benefits of the Grand Master of Wulin. (If you are training a technique, you must then expend the required Qi to complete its training.)

The final game round commences immediately after that, starting with the player on your left.




Q 5:
Some characters' Special Abilities (such as Evil Scum Song Qingyao’s TYRANT and Evil Scum Xiao Jingtian’s AGGRESSION) allow me to grab a card from an opponent. Do I grab a random card from the player’s hand or do I get to look at the player’s hand and choose?

A 5:
You can only grab a random card. Your opponent does not have to reveal his/her hand to you.



Q 6:
Some characters' Special Abilities (such as Huai Xun’s BUDDHIST, Evil Scum Jing Lian’s SLY and Evil Scum Song Qingyao’s TYRANT) do not specify when they can be played during a player’s turn. When do I play them during my turn?

A 6:
If the activation time of a card ability is not specified, you may use that ability once at any point during your turn, outside of duels.



Q 7:
I am playing as Song Qingyao. Does my TAOIST ability also allow me to draw a second Sign for a Wulin Master? For example, when dueling with Heifeng Guai (who is strongest when Yin is drawn for her), if I drew a Yin the first time, which is very bad for me, can I draw again?

A 7:
No. TAOIST only gives you a chance to control your own draw during situations which call for it (such as when drawing for Wugong boosts, Training Mishap and when encountering Tiemian Qixia.)

In the event of dueling with Heifeng Guai, Yang Chao or Chijin Mowang, imagine that they are real opponents and your TAOIST ability should not affect their draws for their own Wugong boosts.




Q 8:
I started my turn with 4 Qi, deposited 2 of them to initiate training for my level 3 Basic Technique and ended my turn. One of the other players used Assassin on me, causing me to lose 2 Qi. Do I fall into critical condition or can I keep playing with 2 Qi left?

A 8:
As explained on page 19 of the Game Manual, deposited Qi tokens for training serve only as indication that you are training a certain technique. Only when you complete its training will the deposited Qi tokens be actually spent and returned to the Qi pool.

Therefore, you do not fall into critical condition and can keep playing with 2 Qi left.



Q 9:
Can I complete training using my last Qi token and then fall into critical condition immediately after that?

A 9:
No, you must have at least 1 Qi left at the time you complete training. If you are short on Qi, you must delay your training and must wait until you recover enough Qi in a later round to complete it. (E.g. If you are training a technique which requires 2 Qi, you can only complete its training when you have 3 or more Qi.)

*Delayed training due to the shortage of Qi does not require a Main Action to re-train, so you can still use your Main Action to Duel with a Player or Travel the Jianghu in that round.




Q 10:
It says on page 21 of the Game Manual that if I lose my last Qi token, I immediately lose the duel? What if I have a Chainmail Vest in hand? Can I use it then?

A 10:
Yes, if you have a Chainmail Vest, you may use it to negate the Qi loss and then continue the duel. (Chainmail Vest will protect you from receiving any Qi damage in a single duel, including Evil Scum Shu Laozi’s SAVAGE!) It is discarded only after the duel has ended.

**Chainmail Vest cannot save you from elimination after losing a duel with the Grand Master of Wulin!



Q 11:
On page 30 of the Game Manual, it says that a targeted player of Poison Dart will only be poisoned if they lose Qi at the end of the duel. How does that work and what if the targeted player of Poison Dart uses Chainmail Vest?

A 11:
First of all, imagine that a player must be hit with a Poison Dart in order for its poison to take effect. To hit a player with Poison Dart, you must win the duel round when Poison Dart was used (causing your opponent to lose Qi).

If the victim of Poison Dart uses Chainmail Vest, then all Qi damage will be negated and he/she can escape its poison effect!



Q 12:
Can I turn Evil Scum in the middle of a duel by using Poison Dart(s)?

A 12:



Q 13:
I’m in a duel. In one round, I played 2 techniques which require Elements. I know that I can only draw 1 Element card for a Wugong boost.

If both techniques require the same Element and I draw the matching Element, do both techniques get the boost or I can only chose one?

If both techniques require a different Element, do I need to announce which technique I want the boost for prior to drawing?

A 13:
Yes, both techniques will receive a Wugong boost!

No, you do not need to make an announcement. The techniques that you are using for the duel round will automatically receive the Wugong boost if the drawn Element is a match.



Q 14:
How does Spirit Finger work? Can I decide to pay Qi to boost its Wugong after all techniques for a duel round have been revealed, or does it have to be announced beforehand?

A 14:
Similar to Concealed Weapons, Spirit Finger can be boosted (only once) by expending 1–2 Qi before or after all techniques (from both sides) for the duel round have been revealed.




Q 15:
When I visit my Sect Guardian at renown level of Hero or above, do I get to use his/her Sect Guardian Ability in addition to gaining my Sect Signature Technique from the Rewards Deck?

If the answer is no, can I choose to use only the Sect Guardian Ability and not receive my Sect Signature Technique?

A 15:
You may choose only one of the two.

However, if you choose to claim your Sect Signature Technique manual, your Sect Guardian will come to your side to aid you in your quest (and leave the game board).




Q 16:
When I play Vow Revenge during my Card Action, does it stay in play until the next time I fight a Nemesis? If so, can I have multiple in play?

A 16:
Vow Revenge will only stay in play until the end of the turn in which you played it. You must discard it at the end of that turn.

Therefore, Vow Revenge is only effective if you intend to challenge a Nemesis to a duel during your own turn. (Vow Revenge cannot used as a defensive measure against your Nemeses' duel threats.)



Q 17:
When I use Training Assist to train a technique, do I still need to pay its Qi cost for training?

A 17:
Yes, you still have to pay the Qi cost for training a technique using this Stratagem.




Q 18:
As Shu Laozi (or any other character), can I eat food or Antidote even though I do not need to? Can I discard Item cards that I do not want prior to a duel?

A 18:
You may eat any food or Antidote, however, you cannot freely discard any other items without using them (except during your End Action, when you are required to discard down to your maximum hand size).



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